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Caricature Maker Software Free Download more. TIPS FOR DESIGNING YOUR OWN WEDDING ALBUM • Organise your images It's a good idea to go through all of your wedding images and pick out the ones you like best. We would recommend selecting 50-100 of your favourite ones and saving them in a separate folder. There is no need to include any images that you don’t want to appear in the album. This will save you a lot of heartache during the design process!

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• Layouts We've done most of the hard work for you by creating lots of lovely ready to go layout templates for you! Experiment with the different ones available. It will soon become really obvious which ones you like and which ones are not suited to your style. We recommend using full page layouts for some of your very important images and opt for templates that include numerous images for guest images or late night dancing shots. • Practice Makes Perfect It might seem a little overwhelming before you get started but designing your own wedding album really is very straightforward. Once you choose your page layout templates as detailed above, you simply drag and drop your images where you want them. Practice makes perfect so spend a few minutes playing around with the software so you can see what style you like.

Bluetooth Mobile Hacking Software Free Download on this page. You’ll be designing like a pro in no time! • Stay Classy Remember, we produce high quality professional wedding albums that will last a lifetime. If in doubt during the design process try to stick to neutral background colours and classic layout styles that will never date!