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Simple Spreadsheet is a useful tool for the users that need to create tables and spreadsheets without installing complex applications. It does not aim to replace or but only to provide you with the very basic features. The interface is easy to use since it displays the table cells and allows you to edit the content of each of them. If you are used to Excel, the cell editing method can seem a little slow and less intuitive since you need to use the mouse in order to get to the next row. Although it is not obvious, the program supports formulas and can perform basic calculations. You need to right click on the cell or use the Edit menu in order to specify that the cell contains a formula and not start the expression with the “=” sign. You can use this app to create spreadsheets that include complex calculations since it recognizes mathematical operators, trigonometric functions and other useful functions such as SUM or COUNT.

Foxpro Software Free Download For Windows 7 32 Bit. The entire list of functions as well as the instructions on using the Simple Spreadsheet are available in the included help file. The editing features include the ability to insert or remove rows and columns in order to manage the structure of the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, you cannot undo a certain modification so you should backup your files before making important changes. The application is lightweight and requires insignificant resources in order to build your spreadsheet. It is suitable for small data sheets since it only allows you to work with twenty six columns.

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Although the number of rows is virtually unlimited, you need to add new rows manually by using the Edit menu. Overall, Simple Spreadsheet is indeed a simple tool for building data files. You cannot undo your mistakes while getting used to the data entry method, the equation editor only allows you to enter the cell references manually and you cannot save the data in a format supported by other office applications.