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Not a few people may have thought to record their own singing mixed with music for playback. What’s annoying is either the process is either complicated or the final record effect far from good. I happened to find a smart tool that can perfectly solve such issues.

Here is a real step-by-step guide, and hope it can be a little helpful for you. • First, make sure you have a microphone and it has inserted to your PC. • Download, install and launch the program (I’m sorry it’s not free ware but share ware.) • To reduce cacophony disturbance, the program offers a VAS (Voice Activation System) mode- set the silence sensitivity to filter the noise that is lower than your voice and may cause noise of your singing. Choose the recording mode as VAS mode rather than the default Normal mode.

(Checking “Monitor Recording”, you can listen to the real time mixed music when recording.) And click Settings to customize. Drag the slider to a certain point you want. (The check box “Ignore silence after silence duration exceeds the value XX” can help you delete long silence time in effective time interval) • Set Karaoke mode-choose the “Karaoke” from the six options below. In this mode, the recorder allows you choose the background music, then records and mixes voices both from microphone and the background music. • Choose the background music. And if you check the “auto-stop recording when background music over”,” box, the recorder will record once the song is over.