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2:13 Did you upgrade your PC to Windows 10? If so, ever wonder what happened to the previous version of the OS?

It probably disappeared into the mists of Windows past, right? Your old OS didn't get erased; rather, it's lingering in a system folder called, aptly enough, Windows.old. And depending on the size of that version, it could be hogging a lot of precious space.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key Crack Free Download on this page. First things first: If you think you might want to back to the previous version, don't delete that folder. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET.

Java Softwares For Pc Free Download here. If you'd rather not wait -- if you want to reclaim that storage now -- you can delete the folder immediately, though not in the way you might expect. Indeed, if you simply click the folder and then press the Delete key, Windows will tell you you need permission, yada-yada, etc. Here's the proper way to delete the Windows.old folder: Step 1: Click in Windows' search field, type Cleanup, then click Disk Cleanup.

Download Free Old Versions of Almost All Popular Software - Sometimes upgrading to a newer version of a software might be a good thing. Other times, your computer may.

Step 2: Click the 'Clean up system files' button. Step 3: Wait a bit while Windows scans for files, then scroll down the list until you see 'Previous Windows installation(s).'