Psp Crack Software 6.60 Free Download

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Psp Crack Software 6.60 Free Download

On seeing that a 12 year old kid was still alive in me, one of my closest friends decided to gift me a Sony PSP this birthday. As soon as I opened the box and played games for few minutes, I was more curious about things I can do on it than just playing games all day (that was the tech blogger in me speaking). But when I searched the internet everything demanded a custom firmware running on the PSP and that was enough of a reason for me to install a custom firmware on my. There are two ways you in which you can run a custom firmware on PSP. One is the temporary hack and other is the permanent one.

Hack every PSP (up to Firmware 6.60). If your System Software is lower than 6.35 or is exactly 6.35. If your Firmware is below 6.60: Download the 6.60 update. Jun 29, 2013 Hey PSP gamers, we are presenting the latest hack of PSP Official Firware 6.60.

In temporary hack, PSP runs the custom firmware as long as its switched on/standby but after restarting it, things go back to default. The permanent one on the other hand means that the fix will remain even after restarting the PSP. Corel Photo Paint Software Free Download. In this post we will be seeing how we can use temporary hack to use custom firmware on PSP E-1004 Street.

Advantages of using temporary hack is that the device warranty is not violated and even if something goes wrong, there is no fear of bricking the device. Folder Background Image Software Free Download. Moreover, reapplying the fix after restarting PSP takes only a few seconds. So let’s start Things to Arrange. • A PSP memory stick to save files. Please use the memory stick that you use on a regular basis. • A memory card reader or a PSP USB cable to mount the memory stick on your computer.