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Buddi Transaction Register runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems and has been translated into multiple languages. For safety, Buddi can encrypt financial data with a password, and it's designed to be easy to use even if you have no financial background. Features include budgeting, tracking accounts, personal finance reports, but you will have to enter transactions manually (no transaction downloads).

Free Personal Finance Manager

Download free personal finance software to monitor all your bank accounts, spending budgets and checkbook register. Keep track of your money with this easy to use. Free personal finance software. Quicken and Microsoft Money alternative home budget. MechCAD AceMoney Lite.

Free plugins can be downloaded to add more features, and the online user manual is easy to read and use. Music Education Software Free Download more. • Compatible Operating Systems: Any operating system running Sun Java Virtual Machine (you can get ), including Windows, Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, and most flavors of Linux.

Adding a Transaction in AceMoneyMechCAD Software / Shelley Elmblad Screenshot AceMoney Lite supports investment tracking and two financial accounts (checking, credit card, etc.). You could get around the two account stipulation by using one account with categories for multiple accounts with subcategories for income and expense budgeting, but if that sounds like a hassle, there are other good alternatives on this list. There's an active online user community for help or suggestions if needed, and the software is being improved all the time by an active development team.

The full version of AceMoney runs $40 and supports unlimited accounts. • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac.

GnuCash Report Sample. GnuCash ReportSimba Management Limited is available for Mac, Windows and other operating systems. Features include tracking bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses and small business accounting features. GnuCash is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports, and since it's actively developed, this free financial software is improving all the time.