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Jun 21, 2017 Click 'N Design 3D by Stomp Inc. Car Rental Accounting Software Free Download. Versions: 5.1 and 4.

Click'n Design 3D 5.1.4 Description: Click 'N Design 3D is a full featured CD cover design application to say the least. Click'N Design V5 allows you to easily create personalized and professional quality looking media labels. Click'N Design V5 is simple and quick to use but has many powerful advanced graphical features.

You can add 3D Text, 3D Objects, glow and shadow effects, and paint on images with the ability to create transparent regions, pick from a list of dozens of special effects including cropping and red eye removal, add gradients and opacity, plus much, much more. The Quick Designer Wizard contains a library of pre-designs that can be used to create labels, in seconds. The Wizard gives you advanced features such as theme, font, and positioning schemes that enable you to have hundred of design combinations for your media. Click'n Design 3D 5.1.4 Features: Here are some key features of 'Clickn Design 3D': Easy to use and intuitive user interface. Easy to use Quick Designer Wizard that lets you create high quality labels in seconds.

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Simple to use 3D Text for spectacular titles. Easy to use circular text. Colorful multi-gradient effects. Support for multiple types of media. Simple to use mask support for vignettes and other effects.