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Image recognition free download. Car Number Plate Recognition This program takes snapshot of car license number plate and then recognize the text on it.

Having trouble with security? Want to know who’s coming in and out just by looking at your cameras? Well a photo recognition software will definitely be able to help you! It identifies who is going in and out by tagging their faces and then looking it up with the nearest match in the database. For those wondering, a photo recognition program is typically used for surveillance purposes and can be comparable to a finger print scanner or an iris recognition software.

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Details Rating: 4.4/5 Price: Free Trial Available Photo Recognition Is Watching, Always Watching Do you want to make sure that your property is safe and that you know everyone who comes in and out? A photo recognition software can be vital in helping you keep your premises safe, and here’s how: • Identifying who’s coming in and out can help protect your family and friends–or even your employees if you own a business–from harm by recognizing each individual outside your gates before they enter the premises. • It will also help you identify theft, helping you spot who did come in and commit the crime for cameras planted inside. Even in complete darkness, the will identify you so you don’t need to worry about ninjas blending in the background unless they are, of course, wearing masks.