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By using the functionality Fusion has to offer, you can boost the contrast and enhance the details of an image. Take images of the same scene, but shot at different exposures, load them into the application, then process them with Fusion, then save your newly created images. You can end up with something quite beautiful, as the gallery on the application’s official website showcases. The executable you need to run to install Fusion is in a 2MB archive which won’t take long to download. A straightforward setup wizard that will not pose a problem to anyone will show up when you run the aforementioned executable.

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A few clicks later you will have Fusion up and running on your machine. Fusion’s interface features a traditional File Menu right where you would expect it to be, in the upper left hand corner. Underneath it there are buttons for creating a new fusion, adding images, zooming the images, starting the sum and HDR operator, and saving the processed image. Junk File Cleaner Software Free Download on this page.