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Miscellaneous Home Software; CreateShake: Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake Designer for iPhone Free. To download and install the software. This download may not be. Cake design free download - Birthday Cake Design, Birthday Cake Design 2017, Wedding Cake Design, and many more programs.

CreateShake allows you to customize the background, base, cake color, and decorations of a cake in a digital setting so you can see exactly how it will look in advance. With an added shake tool to create random cakes that offer inspiration if you get stuck, it's a useful tool, though it does suffer from some issues related to the trial restrictions and general performance issues that keep the app running slowly in some instances. After installation, you can start customizing your cake right away. The home screen will offer you the option to create a new one. On this screen you can choose from the base, the background, the frosting, the decorations, and more. Change any of them with the palate provided and start customizing your cake. At any time, you can make changes to the look and feel of the cake or save it to your gallery where it will be stored for future reference.

This process can be slowed, however, by an at times sluggish rendering process. You might tap the frosting color and it will take a second or so to change. It doesn't seem like much time, but if you are changing the options frequently to test combinations it will add up. CreateShake is a fun idea, but is bogged down a bit by its slow performance. Additionally, the app is ad-supported and there are a number of extra features, palates, and options locked away pending paid upgrades through the store.

This can be frustrating when you see just how many things are available for separate in-app purchase. Internet Calling Software For Pc Free Download there. For light experimenting, the app is okay, but for more advanced design it may prove insufficient without shelling out some money. From Create your own perfect wedding cake!Elegant or fun, you can make the wedding cake of your dreams! Use it to plan your own wedding, or make some cakes just for fun! * Get inspired by generating a random wedding cake. Just shake the device or tap the Shuffle Button.* Over 75 options to customize!