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Song Studio works on the simple premise of layering tracks of music in order to compose a song. The user may record his or her voice and load it into the program. The user may then add different tracks over the voice to create a song. Record, mix and share your song When you start the Song Studio program, you have the option of using the guitar tool, piano tool, drum or voice tool. Start with the voice tool and you may upload a track of you singing, or you may sing and record your voice directly into the tool.

You may then add musical tracks to the program and layer them on top of your track so that it makes one song. Multimedia Software Free Download For Windows 7. Or, you may go back to the guitar, piano or drum option and create soundtracks that you add to your original, or that you mix in to your original. For example, you may add a small drum riff and have it repeat over and over again during your song.

A reasonably sophisticated tool for amateur song composers It looks almost as if the designers of Song Studio started to create a large and complex program and then ran out of money. There are only three instrument tools, but they are very well optimized and intuitively designed.

The tutorial looks a little rushed, but you can figure out most of the functions by playing around a little. It is not for professionals, but may be handy if you wish to create a rough cut of a song. Author's review. Song Studio is an application for all music lovers who wants to play and experience different instruments and create something from it. In Song Studio, User can record his/her voice and mix it with different instruments through a microphone recording. This Application provides Three Major Instruments i.e Piano,Drum and Guitar. Song Studio also includes some excellent features like Audio Equalizer where user can add effects to his/her song and enjoy listening music This software will do Microphone recording only not the Stereo Mix recording.