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How do I edit STL files? That is something any 3D printer owner sooner or later wonders. After all: Ready-made STL files are fine. Invalid Image Recovery Software Free Download. But what if an STL file you downloaded lacks some features, is damaged or you need only a part of it?

That’s when you need an STL editor. Don’t miss: Editing STL files can be done in two different types of modeling software: On the one hand, there is CAD software (Computer Aided Design).

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It’s tailored for construction, provides exact measurements and solid modeling. These tools were not made for 3D printing in the first place. In CAD software, circles, for example, are “real” circles; in 3D printing – and in STL files for 3D printing – circles are represented as polygons. So CAD tools cannot show their full strength when editing STL files. Nevertheless, they can be used for working with STL files.