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RealTrack Mobile is a mobility solution (Fleet Management and mobile devices tracking Comprehensive System, via GPS through GPRS or WIFI, and through INTERNET access) made up of a set of applications, which allow the user to remotely track any person or object carrying a mobile device of the PDA PocketPC type, and the most important aspect is that this information is given in real time. The system consists of a server software or Control Centre “RealTrack Mobile Server”, and the application for mobile devices “Realtrack Mobile PocketPC”, which are client applications of the Control Centre. RealTrack Mobile allows both real time and deferred time tracking of the mobile device fleet, and it automatically registers the locations received. Likewise, it clearly shows the current state of the fleet at every time. RealTrack Mobile offers, moreover, an innovative utility, the compatibility with Google Earth; with that, apart from viewing the location in one of the best, real cartographies in the market, it has another advantage: several users may display the location of the mobile device at the same time, all that the user needs is an Internet connection. Realtrack Mobile allows the user of the control centre to monitor and to communicate in real time, and in a cheap and easy way, with the mobile devices, which have been registered. By simply starting the application of the mobile device “RealTrack Mobile s60”, and by establishing the communication with a GPS via bluetooth, the solution remotely communicates the location in real time to the server software installed in your PC “RealTrack Mobile Server”, and the said location may be showed or displayed in the GIS system, recently integrated in our applications.

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