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DesignWorkshop Lite is a software application that helps users design 3D models in an intuitive working environment. It sports a clean and straightforward interface that offers quick access to the preset objects that can be inserted in the board. DesignWorkshop Lite comes packed with various components, such as circles, lines, rectangles, and others. What’s more, you can embed text messages (which can be customized in terms of font style, size and number), create various drawings with the use of a pencil, as well as erase any unnecessary adjustments. The application enables users to rotate the selected objects, move the working area to different angles, and zoom in or out.

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The objects can be moved by simply dragging and dropping into the desired perimeter, or entering the coordinates in a dedicated dialog manually. Furthermore, DesignWorkshop Lite gives users the possibility to change the size of the object, and add a name, phase (e.g. Software Mkv Player Free Download.