Dell Webcam Software Free Download For Windows 7

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Simply put, could somebody please post a link to the GENUINE Dell Webcam Central software for Windows 7, where ever it is on the Dell Drivers Website? I don't mean some hokey, 3rd rate Vista (or earlier) version of the program, but rather the true 32-bit OEM Windows 7 version that Creative Labs developed specifically for Dell notebooks and netbooks (and please don't refer me to the 'Application' CD which came with the computer, because it's nowhere to be found). Pdf Reader Editor Free Download Software. Dell has been selling notebooks with the Creative Labs integrated Webcam and the Windows 7 operating system for a good couple of months now, and I know they would not have included the old Vista (or even XP) drivers for use with Microsoft's newest operating system. I have looked high & low and read just about every post I can get my eyeballs on, but everybody seems to advise loading the old, outdated Vista or XP drivers rather then the new Windows 7 ones, which obviously had to have shipped with the computer, since it had Windows 7 on it from the get-go (and I'm not talking about the 'upgraded after-the-fact' scenario, either). So just a link, please, to the OEM Dell Creative Labs Webcam Central program for Windows 7. It can't be that big a deal.

I also need the Windows 7 Hauppauge TV tuner drivers (the whole lot of them) for an Inspiron Mini; they have to be out there somewhere, as well. I would obviously prefer the Dell OEM version, but I DO NOT want (and will not use) the old Vista or XP versions, which seem to be available all over the place on this Website; I only want the true 'made-for-Windows 7' stuff. There is no Dell Webcam Central for Win7. India Tv Software For Pc Free Download. When you check on the Dell/ Win7 page under Software compatibility, it's not there.

Dell Webcam Software Free Download For Windows 7

Not to mention it's just not going to work. The webcam is fine, the software is not.

Dell Webcam Central (WebcamDell2.exe). It is a video capture and control software for supported webcam devices.