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The program can add both text and image watermarks to your images. To add an image watermark, select Insert and then the Image tool.

When the file browser opens, choose an image to overlay on your original image, and use the Opacity slider to adjust the watermark overlay to the desired transparency. A text-based watermark can be added using the Text tool.

Simply add the text, place it in the desired position and reduce its transparency using the opacity slider. • How do I create a collage in Photoscape?

PC Image Editor offers relatively powerful photo editing capabilities in a free package. Although it doesn't match professional photo-editing programs, it does allow you to make some basic image corrections. Pros Basic interface: The main menu across the top of the screen features very large, easy to understand icons. Right-hand slider controls: The actual adjustments on the images takes place via the control panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

This is where you can find familiar photo qualities such as 'hue,' which can then be adjusted by just moving a fader from right to left. Idm New Version With Crack Free Download here. Cons Lack of presets: It would have been nice to see some more beginner-friendly features such as filters or presets built in or at least the ability to save your own presets. Bottom Line For a free program, this software does give you considerable photo editing power.