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Artificial Intelligence software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Artificial Intelligence Shareware and Freeware. So you just received your MBA and now you're thinking about starting an artificial intelligence (AI) software. A List of 15 Free AI Software Programs to Download.

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Braina (Brain Artificial) is an intelligent personal assistant, human language interface, automation and for Windows PC. Braina allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in English language. Braina also allows you to accurately convert speech to text in over 100 different languages of the world. Braina makes it possible for you to control your computer using natural language commands and makes your life easier. Braina is not a Siri or clone for PC but rather a powerful personal and office productivity software.

It isn't just like a chat-bot; its priority is to be super functional and to help you in doing tasks. You can either type commands or speak to it and Braina will understand what you want to do.

Obd2 Software For Pc Free Download. Moreover, using you can interact with your computer from anywhere in your house over a WiFi network! Braina helps you do things you do everyday. It is a multi-functional artificial intelligence software that provides a single window environment to control your computer and perform wide range of tasks using voice commands. It can take a dictation (speech to text), search information on the Internet, it can play the songs you want to hear, it can open or search files on your computer, it can set alarms and reminders, it can do mathematical calculations, remember notes for you, automate various computer tasks, read ebooks and much more.

This is the era of Information Technology. The world has gone far more than we think.

We are in about fifth generation of computers today. Movies talk about Artificial Intelligence, Scientists are working on Artificial Intelligence projects.